More dwarves, this time with bazookas and chainsaws

Painted minis 79-85 this year, seven more dwarves for my team “the Pears”. Four starplayers and three more linemen. Also from the Iron Golem kickstarter and sculpted by Pedro Ramos. It almost took a year to complete (I still have two left but they will definitely have to wait).

Here they are:


I’ve already played one game with them, quite liked it. They might sign up for the upcoming season in the league. I have a great plan for the coach and some fans.


Whenever I bring them to a game I’ll try to remember to take photos of the whole team.

PSA: Two kickstarters full of goodness

Oh well, maybe some evil since one of them is a nasty Underworld team and the other one is Slann.

Last year I backed Iron Golems one, those minis were also made of Pedro Ramos.He´s been doing a lot of nice sculpts the last years.

Check them out, they´re quite the sight. The Underworld one ends in less than a week and the Slann one runs for another month.

Both of them are already funded though so the teams will be produced, what´s left to see is how many stretch goals the campaigns can reach?