Space Hulk expansion

Recently aquired Deathwing.
Really nice set with tiles, props and minis for my latest endeavours into futuristic nerdness. These will be great for sci-fi “dungeon crawling”.
Got some more nids and marines, a nice addition to the ones in the starter set. Also some new missions and mechanics for randomizing games.
The bulkhead things seems useful.

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This will be quite awesome I imagine.

I also learnt recently that GW is bringing back specialist games in som form, they are starting up a specialist brand design team within the Forge World chapter. If you think this is the job for you, please apply.

Both Bloodbowl and Necromunda was specially mentioned earlier, I´m quite curious to see what will happen. It will probably take som time Before anything hit the shelves so to speak. Even so, yay for us and for the games that maybe is being brought back from their cryostasis!