Bloodbowl Head couch?

Trying out an idea here, not sure if it works. But most likely this will be my couch model for my badland rockerz team. It’s a wip, based on a two-part silicone mould clay and a bad pun.

Ive also made moulds for my rock troll, in proper rtv silicone. Will try some casting in a few days when they have cured.

Apart from this, rest of stuff focuses on Necromunda. But more on that in later posts.


Press molded silicone ghost pirate

Youngest nephew loves pirates, so I made special one for his birthday. Good fun was had and he seems to have liked it.

Summertime means usually less painting and more gaming, this year is not an exception. 

I’ve reopened my 40K boxes and even played with the new rules, kind of likes them.

Plan is also to finish the shadow war Armageddon team as well as start a new warband for AoS. 

Picking up 40k again meant opportunity to actually paint up some scenery that’s been unpainted for over 20 years, here’s some wip:

Today a box of goodies from reaper miniatures arrived, since I backed their bones 3 kickstarter two years ago. The to-be-painted pile is growing fast, but that’s ok though.

Bloodbowl Wood Elf Team – Gardeners of Degalaque C

The Gardeners of Degalaque C are known for their swift and proper execution on plays on the pitch.That’s why they are called Gardeners, they are keeping the competition short, like the grass in a garden.

Amongst the elves in the vast Degalaque forest the title Gardener is a ceremonial upholder of the order, carrying out the verdict of the Elder Council.

The team used to be bitter enemies of the Treehuggers of Degalaque West but seems to have won that feud.

Team is coached by the fierce Mme Butterfly, a proper Gardener by profession.

So I’ve entered our Open League this season with a Wood elf team, painted these almost three years ago but yesterday was the first time I had the opportunity to field them.

They are druid themed, and the basis is some neomics punkazones with added hoods. But there is also some necromunda eschers, mordheim sisters of sigmar, mourning fangs from warzone/mutant chronicles in there. And some lovely pixies from Stonehaven in Canada.

The centerpiece is the Treewoman/ Entwife, called Growtwice in this incarnation because of well, fluff. I did a proper blogpost on her earlier.

It was also an opportunity to finalize the first minis for 2017, five markers/counters, tadaa:

Not so impressive I know, but focus has been on some dark elves.

Since they’re done in an assembly line style soon there’ll be a whooping 21 more models finished! Hopefully.

If you wan’t to follow the Gardeners progress on the pitch you can do it here.

Last week most of the nerd attention has been dedicated to discussing the upcoming necromunda-esque skirmish game from GW. Lots of people are getting really excited again!

Seasonal Scallywags pt I

Yeah, so as I´ve mentioned before, the name of my gang in our renewed endeavours into the wonderful world of Necromunda was Seasonal Scallywags.

It didnt take me long to realise that they needed a bit of touch-up, paintwise. Or rather a lot of touch. A re-do if you like. So i sent them aceton swimming.

aceton bath
aceton bath

2015-08-16 09.00.03 2015-08-16 10.09.47


To the left they are drying up after a refreshing bath. Note that this treatment is not at all recommended for plastic minis, they evaporate in aceton. I´m not sure what to use if you´re trying to paintstrip them, just don´t use aceton , ok?

In the middle is the backbone of what is to be th new model for my leader, an ork skorcha gunner body with a headswap from a space wolf sergeant. Plan is to try out magnetise arms for more choices when it comes to weapons. Right now he´s wielding a chainsword and a bolt pistol but I´m thinking of getting a flamer for him. We´ll see what happens.

I´ve also realised that in order for my scallywags to be an unruly bunch I probably need to make the team more diverse. One idea is to have the Orlock ganger models waiting to step up whenever the juves have gained sufficient experience. That way I can use other minitures for the gangers I already have. I´ve already laid my eyes on some prospects in the “street violence” range of the amazing wargames foundry.

Having a bunch of reading up to do, next post might be of some painting. Or artwork. Or reading material. Or something else.



Well, with the upcoming Fallout 4, a new Star Wars movie and the release of Mad Max earlier this year my interest have been turned to skirmish battled post apo/peak-everything/space opera type of miniature game.
Could there be something ticking some of those boxes?
And yeah, there should also be a narrative component if possible, since the last few attempts of RPG campaigning all have more or less fizzled out and I do feel a need to scratch that itch.

Discussed it with a good friend, M, of mine and we decided to start off in the Underhive:

necromunda back 1 necromunda back 2

Necromunda! We both felt comfortable with it and familiar with the system.
Perhaps if we included some more Xeno element, something from Gorkamorka or perhaps some Troubleshooters from the awesome Paranoia game? These are all great examples from Grandma Wendys product line, all discontinued. By discontinued I mean that they are not supported by the company anymore, not that its not played any longer.

On to gang creation, we decided that even if none of our gangs were affiliated with the Houses of that specific Hive described in the game, progression should be equivalent to one of those (or some from the Outlander expansion). We should aslo start out small, with 500 credits.

My gang, the Seasonal Scallywags would be some sorts of plunderers of mostly caravans. When its caravan season that is, off-season they probably be mercenaries or something like that. Went with Orlock stat line.
M´s gang were traders from the wasteland, hi-tech savvy mutants of sorts. Van Saar for him.

We managed to games before we called it for the night, Hit and Run and a Scavenger scenario. I bottled in both of them, my team was really beat up. At least my leader now has Impressive scars as result from a near flamer encounter and I can afford to recruit a heavy.

I also realised that the minis a painted 15-20 years ago where in a desperate need of TLC, so now they are paintstripped. The leader will be a new miniature, some sort of converted kitbashed thing. I´m thinking of trying out magnets for the possibility of weapon swaps, tips on how to do them is always welcome.

Now I´m eager to really do the Scallywags some justice, paintwise.
I´m also thinking of a bunch of scenarios and stuff in a more RPG type of way with more players and lots of GM controlled random encounters.

Below are some pics of the battles…

2015-08-02 16.22.24 2015-08-02 16.33.10 2015-08-02 17.16.08