Orctober – Ironjawz, Gorkamorka Nobz and Giant Black Orcs

Stompahs boyz, lead by two MM27 Giant Black Orcs. Bulk of the Ironjawz are Gorkamorka Nobz bodies with Ironjawz heads. Have 15 more that needs rebasing and touching up. Quite look forward to it, they will be a formidable force.



The black orcs themselves.


Since these are the last hours of Orctober normal posting intervall will resume.

There might be some more greenskins around the corner, but there will also be other stuff. In less than four weeks Necromunda will hit the shelves, this is great news indeed. From what I’ve gathered from the game play videos so far, they’ve done a great job.



Resources – tutorials

Well, I´m thinking of gathering tips and tricks somewhere, so I later could use them for reference.

I´ll probably make page called “Resources” or something like that at some stage.
For now, the posts will have that tag so they´re easier to backtrack.
I don´t know if I´ll do many tutorials myself since there are already lots of nice ones out there, this is more of an effort to stack them somewhere.

Here´s a video on how to sculpt faces by Tom Mason, really good. You should subscribe to his channels, he puts out a nice tutorial every now and then.