Slann Blitzer

The Bloodbowl team that once was, and yet again might be official. Slann, the old race that even ventured into space are now mostly known for their mage priests in Lizardmen armies. But the Old Ones are truly so much more.

Rumour has it that they might be brought back by gw since they included two other previously unofficial teams in their new edition. They’ve been part of the NAF Bloodbowl scene a while though.

This slann in particular is a blitzer, and more specific my contribution for the 2016 SweBBA Legacy Team. SweBBA stands for Swedish BloodBowl Alliance and is a web forum for mostly swedish coaches (

Previous legacy teams can be found here.

So there, let’s see if I win.

The blitzer is made in greenstuff and some of the process have been shown previously on the blog.

PSA: Two kickstarters full of goodness

Oh well, maybe some evil since one of them is a nasty Underworld team and the other one is Slann.

Last year I backed Iron Golems one, those minis were also made of Pedro Ramos.He´s been doing a lot of nice sculpts the last years.

Check them out, they´re quite the sight. The Underworld one ends in less than a week and the Slann one runs for another month.

Both of them are already funded though so the teams will be produced, what´s left to see is how many stretch goals the campaigns can reach?