Agents and orcs

With the EurOpen tournament soon it’s about time to finish the team.

But I got sidetracked and finished four agents first. These could all be employed by Hawkins Energy Department or any other dodgy government agency.

Or body guards, or sentries. One of them could be a PI I guess. They’ll be useful in lots of missions. Minis are from Wargames Foundry. They are part of Juno’s crew in their Street Violence range. And also, if you havent seen Stranger Things on Netflix you really should.

Finally here’s two blitzers for my orc team.   
More on the team in upcoming posts.

This brings the count for painted minis in 2016 up to 39.
It is good but I really need to pick up the pace.

I’ve also kind of sorted out my paints in order to make it easier to find the ones I need.