BloodBowl Necromantic team -The Green Tide Deadites 

This Necro team (Necromantic Horror now) draws inspiration from basically two sources. The first one is the awesome movie Evil Dead and the other one is this blog. A greenskin themed necro team.

Everything is taken from orcs or goblins, apart from the werewolves. They’re are from the space wolf range in w40k.
Zombies: Parts from night goblin regiment box in plastic multi part. Shoulder pads are from a marauder regiment box.

Ghouls:Gorkamorka boys (GW)

Werevolves: Fenrisian wolves to W40K. Just added pants.

Wights: Inspired of the gmm blog I linked earlier, I made them halfway through their transition from a more esoteric form into a physical one. Parts are also from night goblin box, I’ve stacked two torsos on top of eachother. The craniums are banner heads. 

Flesh Golems: Orc Boar Boys (gw), slightly repositioned the legs.
Headcoach Ash´n´Slash can also go as starplayer Hack Enslash.

Base for Ash Williams is Hasslefre Miniatures model Barney (for Scooby Doo) with added chainsaw (from  Hasslefree Zombie Weapon sprue) and some greenstuffed jacket.

Played a season with them in 2014, but they’ve been idle since then. Maybe the deadites are coming once again in 2017?