Entwives – Autumn Birchtree

I´ve been inspired by the mythos of entwives for quite a while, how would they look? There are clues here and there in Tolkiens stories, Treebeard describes their hair as the hue of ripe corn. They are supposedly Guardians of agricutural plants.
In my mind this entwife took shape, in form of a birchtree.

When I did a druid type of BloodBowl team that could work as Amazons, Wood Elves or Humans then the need for a proper Treewoman resurfaced.

Since creation, Autumn Birchtree has participated in one tournamnet together with a halfling team (standing in for Deeprot Strongbranch that is). Sadly, no play for the Druids yet. But they´ll get there, it was great fun to develop Birchtree.

The hair is supposed to resemble wheat, and the leaves are a sign of autumn. Btw I love the new GW glazes.

Here are some WIP photos:

And here´s the team in full:

Majority of figures are Neomics Punkzons but there also some Necromunda Eschers, Mordheim Sister of Sigmar and Warzone Imperial Mourning Wolves (From the Mutant Chronicles Universe). Weapon have been snipped and they´ve all received cloaks to be more uniform and druidlike in appearance. Haven´t gotten around to do a proper background story yet but I´d say it will probably be about income generation in order to save a certain forest or something like that.