Finished projects!

I´m thinking of making a finished project page here.

Basically starting out with a list of finished projects, painted teams for bloodbowl especially I guess. Or when i sucessfully paint up all the pieces for my HeroQuest game. That sort of thing, there should be a component of closure entailed for the item to ba valid for the list. Whenever I get the chance to do some write-up I will, and then put the link in the list to the appropriate post.


Seasonal Scallywags pt I

Yeah, so as I´ve mentioned before, the name of my gang in our renewed endeavours into the wonderful world of Necromunda was Seasonal Scallywags.

It didnt take me long to realise that they needed a bit of touch-up, paintwise. Or rather a lot of touch. A re-do if you like. So i sent them aceton swimming.

aceton bath
aceton bath

2015-08-16 09.00.03 2015-08-16 10.09.47


To the left they are drying up after a refreshing bath. Note that this treatment is not at all recommended for plastic minis, they evaporate in aceton. I´m not sure what to use if you´re trying to paintstrip them, just don´t use aceton , ok?

In the middle is the backbone of what is to be th new model for my leader, an ork skorcha gunner body with a headswap from a space wolf sergeant. Plan is to try out magnetise arms for more choices when it comes to weapons. Right now he´s wielding a chainsword and a bolt pistol but I´m thinking of getting a flamer for him. We´ll see what happens.

I´ve also realised that in order for my scallywags to be an unruly bunch I probably need to make the team more diverse. One idea is to have the Orlock ganger models waiting to step up whenever the juves have gained sufficient experience. That way I can use other minitures for the gangers I already have. I´ve already laid my eyes on some prospects in the “street violence” range of the amazing wargames foundry.

Having a bunch of reading up to do, next post might be of some painting. Or artwork. Or reading material. Or something else.


Resources – tutorials

Well, I´m thinking of gathering tips and tricks somewhere, so I later could use them for reference.

I´ll probably make page called “Resources” or something like that at some stage.
For now, the posts will have that tag so they´re easier to backtrack.
I don´t know if I´ll do many tutorials myself since there are already lots of nice ones out there, this is more of an effort to stack them somewhere.

Here´s a video on how to sculpt faces by Tom Mason, really good. You should subscribe to his channels, he puts out a nice tutorial every now and then.

A dwarf, an elf, a wizard and a barbarian walks into… a dungeon

Here they are, our beloved dungeon crawling heroes, in colour. Not fully painted though, but in som colours at least.

This summer I introduced the game and intro scenario to my fiancée. She likes it a lot but she remarked on the fact that none of the miniatures were painted. And also the colour could help identifying the different characters since the mage and the elf kind of looked alike?
Well of course, my laziness shouldnt stand in the way for a hightened gaiming experience.

Zoom-Bot vs Twonky?

Yeah, talking about Roborally.
I’ve had that game since I was sixteen and only just recently managed to finish the painting of these awesome robots.
It makes a LOT of difference if you’re playing painted or not, now I need to do the same with my HeroQuest pieces I guess.

This blog has the tagline painting and playing, yet this is the first post with relatively recently painted minis. They are quite lovely though, right?imageimage

Fishyman and Friends

Bloodbowl was the game that brought me back to the miniature painting and sometimes even playing hobby after a couple of years hiatus.

In short it’s a boardgame of football, but with elves, dwarves, orcs and wizards. A bit like chess, a lot not like it. A fantastic game.

Your team consists of usually 11-16 players so it’s not necessary to buy and paint hundreds of miniatures. Unless you want all types of teams that is.

These three players will be beastmen in my new Chaos team. In order to make them more diversed from the generic goatman look I’ve applied greenstuff. Inspiration comes from a tzeentch warband in a White Dwarf magazine (#128 I believe), the Wheel of Time series, early GW catalogue and the Oldhammer community.

Pics are not that great, will do better when project is finished. Promise.


PSA: Reading tips before the post-apo!

So, I like sci-fi. And RPG. I also like a good story.

Therefore I’m thrilled that this is happening:

New book!

About twenty years ago I borrowed Mutant and Mutant 2 from one of my cousins. I still got them to this day, don’t tell him ok? The setting in the RPG was marvellous.

Recently, Fria Ligan did a reboot and published Mutant: År noll through a great kickstarter.

By now it’s also available in English as Mutant: Year Zero.
UPDATE: Get it from the Modiphius webstore

Please check it out, it’s worth it.

Today I learned that the multitalented game designer / ex-military/ horror writer Anders Fager is releasing a bunch of short stories within that universe in just a few weeks from now. (In Swedish that is.)

I can hardly wait.