Bloodbowl Wood Elf Team – Gardeners of Degalaque C

The Gardeners of Degalaque C are known for their swift and proper execution on plays on the pitch.That’s why they are called Gardeners, they are keeping the competition short, like the grass in a garden.

Amongst the elves in the vast Degalaque forest the title Gardener is a ceremonial upholder of the order, carrying out the verdict of the Elder Council.

The team used to be bitter enemies of the Treehuggers of Degalaque West but seems to have won that feud.

Team is coached by the fierce Mme Butterfly, a proper Gardener by profession.

So I’ve entered our Open League this season with a Wood elf team, painted these almost three years ago but yesterday was the first time I had the opportunity to field them.

They are druid themed, and the basis is some neomics punkazones with added hoods. But there is also some necromunda eschers, mordheim sisters of sigmar, mourning fangs from warzone/mutant chronicles in there. And some lovely pixies from Stonehaven in Canada.

The centerpiece is the Treewoman/ Entwife, called Growtwice in this incarnation because of well, fluff. I did a proper blogpost on her earlier.

It was also an opportunity to finalize the first minis for 2017, five markers/counters, tadaa:

Not so impressive I know, but focus has been on some dark elves.

Since they’re done in an assembly line style soon there’ll be a whooping 21 more models finished! Hopefully.

If you wan’t to follow the Gardeners progress on the pitch you can do it here.

Last week most of the nerd attention has been dedicated to discussing the upcoming necromunda-esque skirmish game from GW. Lots of people are getting really excited again!


On the painting desk -Dark Elves and more

So there’s been a while since I’ve actually finished any miniature but recently has been busy, outside of the hobby that is. But I’m putting in time, half an hour here and half an hour there.

New project is Dark Elves for Bloodbowl, most of the minis are 3rd edition. Trying out bulk painting, we’ll see how it goes. It’s not as rewarding as doing them individually but probably time efficient. Here they are so far:


Working title is Malal Temple Dogs, in the earlier warhammer lore they were a valid steed choice for heroes. This one is a animated jade statue brought to the dugout. The team follows the lesser known chaos god Malal whose mark is a black and white skull. I will try to prove the worth of the assassins even though people seen to frown upon them. A local coach has really followed through on that theme, giving a lot of the other players shadowing as well. Cudos, coma, cudos!

Also been doing some greenstuffing and kitbashing. Here is a coach for my chaos or maybe chaos dwarf team. Since the comeback of argue the call I need specific coach models for my teams. Not maybe need but you know.
The model is the MB7 Marauder Giant Head. 
Saw some artwork and it inspired me, may have been from the Realm of Chaos book.

 Also some work on more Bloodbowl goblins for an Orc team. Have many ideas, hopefully some will pan out. Been kitbashing as well, starting a Pro Elf/Elf Union team. Dark eldar torsos, chaos marauder legs, and some really old elven heads from the PBS warhammer fantasy regiment set. Here is the link to the awesome resource that goes by the name Stuff of Legends.

Some other stuff is also in the pipeline but that’s for another post…

BloodBowl Necromantic team -The Green Tide Deadites 

This Necro team (Necromantic Horror now) draws inspiration from basically two sources. The first one is the awesome movie Evil Dead and the other one is this blog. A greenskin themed necro team.

Everything is taken from orcs or goblins, apart from the werewolves. They’re are from the space wolf range in w40k.
Zombies: Parts from night goblin regiment box in plastic multi part. Shoulder pads are from a marauder regiment box.

Ghouls:Gorkamorka boys (GW)

Werevolves: Fenrisian wolves to W40K. Just added pants.

Wights: Inspired of the gmm blog I linked earlier, I made them halfway through their transition from a more esoteric form into a physical one. Parts are also from night goblin box, I’ve stacked two torsos on top of eachother. The craniums are banner heads. 

Flesh Golems: Orc Boar Boys (gw), slightly repositioned the legs.
Headcoach Ash´n´Slash can also go as starplayer Hack Enslash.

Base for Ash Williams is Hasslefre Miniatures model Barney (for Scooby Doo) with added chainsaw (from  Hasslefree Zombie Weapon sprue) and some greenstuffed jacket.

Played a season with them in 2014, but they’ve been idle since then. Maybe the deadites are coming once again in 2017?


Summary and whats to come (possibly)

So how did it go with the 2016 goals for this blog?

Finish at least three Blood Bowl teams Yes; dwarves, chaos ogres and renaissance orcs. Now my ogres can go as orcs as well.

Document some of the teams I´ve already finished and publish them here Yes, I’ve published five last year. Two orcs, one Nurgle and two Ogre teams. Might have to diversify this year.

Attend at least two tournaments (where one should be EuroBowl) Yes, StockBowl Team Cup and EuroBowl.

Complete more NPC´s for the narrative Necromunda-ish setting Maybe, did four agents. Could be better than that.

Finalize the Seasonal Scallywags Nope

Explore the possibility of Pulp/Horror/Western gaming, got some models on the shelves, what do I need in terms of secenery and rulesets? Nope

Make generic scenery that fits near future/pulp/horror and/or western scenarios. Nope

Paint and complete more models than I buy new. Yes. Painted 85 and bought 65. Also sold and gave away some.

So whats to come in 2017?

Well I’ve published 27 posts last year, will try to do the same amount this year. Some will be backlog of already painted stuff.

Paint 100 minis (did 85 in 2016 and about 50 in 2015).

Play games and write about them here.

More dwarves, this time with bazookas and chainsaws

Painted minis 79-85 this year, seven more dwarves for my team “the Pears”. Four starplayers and three more linemen. Also from the Iron Golem kickstarter and sculpted by Pedro Ramos. It almost took a year to complete (I still have two left but they will definitely have to wait).

Here they are:


I’ve already played one game with them, quite liked it. They might sign up for the upcoming season in the league. I have a great plan for the coach and some fans.


Whenever I bring them to a game I’ll try to remember to take photos of the whole team.

Slann Blitzer

The Bloodbowl team that once was, and yet again might be official. Slann, the old race that even ventured into space are now mostly known for their mage priests in Lizardmen armies. But the Old Ones are truly so much more.

Rumour has it that they might be brought back by gw since they included two other previously unofficial teams in their new edition. They’ve been part of the NAF Bloodbowl scene a while though.

This slann in particular is a blitzer, and more specific my contribution for the 2016 SweBBA Legacy Team. SweBBA stands for Swedish BloodBowl Alliance and is a web forum for mostly swedish coaches (

Previous legacy teams can be found here.

So there, let’s see if I win.

The blitzer is made in greenstuff and some of the process have been shown previously on the blog.

Bloodbowl Dwarfs – A sidelined cider and some counters

Came across some 40k squats recently (love those Space dorfs!), many of them with the padded armour type similar to the Dwarf team I’m working on. This one didn’t, instead he’s in a jumpsuit of sorts. 

He’s from the Adventurers range and I thought he’d be a perfect mascot for “the Pears”. The background is that these dwarves are producing cider instead of beer and the team is sponsored by Strongbrow as a PR stunt.


 Also fitting with something to replace the bloodweiser babe, since I’m not a fan of reproducing manschauvistic stereotypes. Really happy that it is merely bloodweiser kegs in the new edition.



Also did some markers, for re-roll counters and such. Used to be a fortification from an earlier whfb edition, I believe it was called Battle of Skull Pass. It was the core rules with some scenery and night goblins and dwarves.

 Nothing fancy but really effective in my opinion.

I’ve also painted 11 snotlings since I decided to sell one of my ogre teams. Need to clear space for the miniatures in my painting que as well as the ones I havent bought yet, right? These ones were used in the team cup last spring and are slaanesh themed.

New snots. The bluerobed one could be a coach model or maybe wizard. In this new edition you might once again argue the call if you get caught fouling. It’s awesome. Since the buyer is a new player on the tabletop scene I thought I’d sort him out with a miniature for the coach as well.

Group shot!

Brings painted minis up to a whooping 77 this year, which is nice. A few more on the way too, more dwarves…