Orctober – Badland Rockerz – Bloodbowl Orc team

Azazel runs Orctober this year, a perfect opportunity to finish the team I failed to complete last year because of reasons.

Here they are, 2nd ed. 4 black orcs, 4 blitzers, 2 lineorcs and a thrower.

There is also a 40k grot ammo runt that serves as the Bloodweiser keg inducement.

The troll is a rock troll I sculpted in greenstuff, wanted it to have a proper Badlands vibe.

Author: suncar

Miniature painter, gamer and dreamer. Blogging about that.

5 thoughts on “Orctober – Badland Rockerz – Bloodbowl Orc team”

  1. Thnx man! Yes I would love to see your take on these, maybe as hobgoblins in a chaos dwarf team or if they are being part of chaos renegades team?
    I have always wanted to use that ammo runt and when the new rules changes lingo from bloodweiser babes to bloodweiser kegs I realised I should just use the model as is and paint the grenades bottle green.

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    1. Oh, they’re Orcs through and through, and mostly painted. They’re just not all completely painted (and will need touch-up to boot). I’ve got three BB teams that really only need a bit of work to have them completed, aside from the ones I’ve not really started!

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