Summary and whats to come (possibly)

So how did it go with the 2016 goals for this blog?

Finish at least three Blood Bowl teams Yes; dwarves, chaos ogres and renaissance orcs. Now my ogres can go as orcs as well.

Document some of the teams I´ve already finished and publish them here Yes, I’ve published five last year. Two orcs, one Nurgle and two Ogre teams. Might have to diversify this year.

Attend at least two tournaments (where one should be EuroBowl) Yes, StockBowl Team Cup and EuroBowl.

Complete more NPC´s for the narrative Necromunda-ish setting Maybe, did four agents. Could be better than that.

Finalize the Seasonal Scallywags Nope

Explore the possibility of Pulp/Horror/Western gaming, got some models on the shelves, what do I need in terms of secenery and rulesets? Nope

Make generic scenery that fits near future/pulp/horror and/or western scenarios. Nope

Paint and complete more models than I buy new. Yes. Painted 85 and bought 65. Also sold and gave away some.

So whats to come in 2017?

Well I’ve published 27 posts last year, will try to do the same amount this year. Some will be backlog of already painted stuff.

Paint 100 minis (did 85 in 2016 and about 50 in 2015).

Play games and write about them here.


Author: suncar

Miniature painter, gamer and dreamer. Blogging about that.

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