BloodBowl Nurgle Team – Borås Black Goats

The team name is a reference to a cult of worshippers in the mythos of Svenska Kulter by Anders Fager. Team logo is used by permission from him, if you want merchandise with it, please visit this place.

First out are the Nurgle warriors, I´ve used whfb Blightkings for that. Only conversion is removing of weapons.

Here is the Beast of Nurgle, with a prone and stunned marker. The conversion is made out of a squig placed on a spider. I quite like him, check out WIP pics below.


Here are the pestigors, the two on the left are basically whfb pestigors with some addition of pink horror arms and headswapping (a banner skull and a gorkamorka cybork head). The ones on the right are savage orcs with head swaps.


The Group.


And here are the rotters, represented by opponents that all have been blessed by the rot.
From left: Dwarf from Battle of Skull Pass starter set, Gorkamorka Yoof with added tounge, WHFB Gnoblar, Orc crewman from Orc Chukka / Bolt thrower, Scotling from Impact miniatures and a whfb Orc Boy.

The team has been participating in the Open season at our local League, no tournament. Yet…

Author: suncar

Miniature painter, gamer and dreamer. Blogging about that.

2 thoughts on “BloodBowl Nurgle Team – Borås Black Goats”

  1. I really like your team. I’ve been buikding a Nurgle team of my own, and was considering using the Blightkings, but I’m afraid that they’re too big to use on the field. Have they worked well for you? Do they take up too much room when you need to lay them down on the board, or are they an okay size?


    1. Thanks Odie.
      Blightkings are kind of big but they look good on board imo.
      If it’s too crowded when they go down I sometimes use a counter like a dice or coin to indicate their position. It depends what you’re opponent is bringing. Anyway the set is good for conversion, loads of extra bits in that box.
      Looking forward to see how you build your Nurgle team


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