BloodBowl Orc Team – Bubba´s Brawlerz

From the Marshes of Madness in the middle of Badlands territory stems the team of Bubba´s Brawlerz.
How the team was founded is still shrouded in darkness but what is known is that Chief Bubba himself likes to surround himself with loads of braggadocious black orc blockers and brawling blitzers rather than bickering lesser greenskins such as gobbos.
As soon as a player is accepted to the team a new name is given to the newcomer. Bubba says that it is to create a more uniform team identity but it might as well be that he´s just lazy.

Ive played a season so far with them, they are doing quite well. Watch their progress on the pitch here.

Here are Chief Bubba and the troll Klonk together with the prone/stun marker.

Gobbo, throwers and line orc.

Black Orcs, heavily inspired by the True Detective aesthetics. (Check Robert W. Chambers “The Yellow King” for original story.)



Base for the team is WHFB save orc regiment box, with added minis for throwers (orc shamans) and chief (40K ork warphead). The troll is made from scratch, by grey stuff and cork, see progress pic below.



Author: suncar

Miniature painter, gamer and dreamer. Blogging about that.

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