Silly Season 3!

Inbetween Season in our local League we have a mini Season dedicated to mainly Stunty teams. This season Underworld and Vampires are welcome too.

My Ogre team, The Suffering Turnogres are participating, and got paired up against two teams theyve already faced earlier, good fun.

First coach Ozt, playing with the halfling team Nemnill Peacemongers. He´s a really good player and has a good record. He is in the top ranking in the World with his Norse team and last year he won the Chaos Cup. He´ll be the head organizer for the EuroBowl´16 which will be held at a castle in Örebro in October. Even though the Turnogres had the chance for revenge against the Cheesemongers their fondue proved insurmountable.
Blocks were thrown and dodges missed but the only one really making notable moves were star player Puggy.
Apart from the excessive fouling that is.

In turn 16 Ozt and his Cheesemongers walked in and made the only and thus match winning score.

The Turnogres seemed somewhat content still, rumour has it that the next game there will be someone substituting the late Gashonock.

The next game was against Il_Maestro, also playing halflings.
In his first round he foulkilled one of my ogres, I used the Apo for re-roll but it didnt help. He also killed a snotling. In second round he´d killed the second ogre, also by fouling. A third ogre, Queen Chundalobria, was KO´d together with a snot.
So starting my third round with three ogres and and four snotlings against two treemen and nine halflings. Kind of a rough start one might say. After that Nuffle seemed to tip the scale, I couldnt really fail anything while Il_Maestro failed Dodges and didnt manage to break snotling armour.

In turn 16 I managed to position Powpow Fulsnakk in the end zone and reach him with a long pass from Another a snot. 2-1 in TD for me, but after nine matches the Casualty score is 36-35 but the fatality is 4-7 where three of them are ogres. For my tenth game the roster is quite decmiated with only Three ogres and seven snotlings. With 80K in bank the pressure is on for me to earn Another 60 against Björn & Magos goblin team Dont feed the Troll in order to at least get a fourth ogre.
It seems to be a long way back.


Author: suncar

Miniature painter, gamer and dreamer. Blogging about that.

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