Plan for 2016

Paint more minis, play more games, read more books. That´s my pledge.

2015 in hindsight, finished about 50 minis I think.

Went to three bloodbowl tournaments all outside my hometown (Doubt in Umeå, Närkebowl in Örebro and GothBowl in Gothenburg), and played random games in the Open season in our local gaming club.

I also picked up Necromunda again, bought loads of minis and realted books. And I started this blog.

For 2016 my plan is to record and count the finished minis I paint.

I aim to:

  • Finish at least three Blood Bowl teams
  • Document some of the teams I´ve already finished and publish them here
  • Attend at least two tournaments (where one should be EuroBowl)
  • Complete more NPC´s for the narrative Necromunda-ish setting
  • Finalize the Seasonal Scallywags
  • Explore the possibility of Pulp/Horror/Western gaming, got some models on the shelves, what do I need in terms of secenery and rulesets?
  • Make generic scenery that fits near future/pulp/horror and/or western scenarios.
  • Paint and complete more models than I buy new.

Thats the plan, its deliberatley vague. Let´s see how it pans out. This is after all my first blogging pledge.


Author: suncar

Miniature painter, gamer and dreamer. Blogging about that.

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