PSA: Reading tips before the post-apo!

So, I like sci-fi. And RPG. I also like a good story.

Therefore I’m thrilled that this is happening:

New book!

About twenty years ago I borrowed Mutant and Mutant 2 from one of my cousins. I still got them to this day, don’t tell him ok? The setting in the RPG was marvellous.

Recently, Fria Ligan did a reboot and published Mutant: År noll through a great kickstarter.

By now it’s also available in English as Mutant: Year Zero.
UPDATE: Get it from the Modiphius webstore

Please check it out, it’s worth it.

Today I learned that the multitalented game designer / ex-military/ horror writer Anders Fager is releasing a bunch of short stories within that universe in just a few weeks from now. (In Swedish that is.)

I can hardly wait.



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Miniature painter, gamer and dreamer. Blogging about that.

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